Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Dollar Makes new Multi year Lows

Today the U.S. dollar made new multi year lows as the greenback took out the low from 2004.

I exited the remainder of my long position in the British pound and I am still holding 50% of my long position in the Swiss and Euro. I'm going to raise my trailing stops to lock in profits just in case the dollar bounces here.

I'll post charts tomorrow of the Swiss and Euro showing where my trailing stops are placed.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

I really love your blog.
I am just moved to the fixed income and derivative hedging field. Could you tell me any good websites, blogs or books on this topic? Many thx!

Kevin said...

I know plenty of good blogs but I don't know of any that focus on derivative hedging.

Anonymous said...

COT is strongly bullish on USD now. Does it influence your trading?

Kevin said...

No...I'm not about to buy the dollar and I'm not shorting it either... I've been bearish all year and the dollar has sold off..I really don't see any new trades for the dollar right now.